Monday, November 10, 2008

Blogging Problems!!!

I tried for the second time in a few weeks today to finish our trip recap. Yes, I know...better late than never. However, the annoying Blogger God is not allowing me to upload pictures! I really hope it has something to do with me doing this at work, instead of at home.

So, instead, I will just fill you in on what's been going on with us. We are in the process of moving this week! Finally, our house is almost done. We have our final walk-thru tomorrow morning. I am living in complete chaos (which is not good for my mental state), and I must keep reminding myself that it is due to our EXCITING move.

Bob celebrated his 30th birthday on Thursday of last week too! I will have to definitely give him a proper post on his birthday. His parents and sister drove over from Atlanta to surprise him for lunch. Then, his parents drove back to Atlanta to drop of Jo, and turned around to come back for the birthday dinner surprise I planned for him. It was a fun night, with a great turn-out. No pictures though...can you believe that? It is my fault. I didn't think to bring our camera, thinking Bob's dad would have that covered. Grrr....I'm still very annoyed with myself. You only turn 30 once!

Anyhow, this blog has taken a backseat the past few weeks, and after our move, I am hoping to get back on track. We'll see though...we have the holidays upon us! Yikes!!!


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