Friday, September 28, 2007

My Bridal Shower

I thought it would be fun to blog about my bridal shower, even though it was over a month ago...

My shower was held on Saturday, August 18th at Caryn and Michael's home. It was a beautiful day, and the shower was perfect! I was overly impressed with what the caterer had done, and the food was delicious. And, more importantly, I was surprised at how many people were able to come. To be honest, I was really overwhelmed in the beginning. There were so many people there, and I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. After a glass of wine, I felt better. And, after I ate some of the delicious food! The caterer was so great, we are using him for the Rehearsal Dinner and family brunch, the day after the wedding.

When I came home with all of my gifts, Bob was shocked. I don't think he realized how many people were coming, and all of the gifts we would receive. I finally, just this last weekend, found places for them all. But, guess what? More gifts are still pouring in... now for the wedding. Is it ok to register for a bigger house? Or, what about a new hutch or buffet for the dining room? I need storage people!

Overall, the shower was amazing! Thank you to Caryn, my mom, and sister for throwing a flawless shower. And, thank you to all of the special girls that were there. It was truly a joyous event!

15 days...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here we go!

16 More Days, and we'll finally be married!

Bob and I are in awe of how fast our wedding is approaching. It seems just like yesterday when the countdown was at 5 months, 3 months, or 1 month...but, now, now it's just 16 days away!

Surprisingly, I feel calm and collected over the planning. Neither of us are experiencing "cold feet." I wonder if people only experience that if it's not meant to be? This weekend, my mom, Kathy, Caryn, and Lisa will be busy making the wedding favors. They are amazingly cute, and fairly cheap to make. On Tuesday, I had my 'trial run' for my make-up and hair. I was very happy with the outcome, and cannot wait to see the whole package, come October 13th.

Overall, this is quite an exciting time for us! I know that it will be here before we know it. And, sadly, I know it will be over before we know it. However, we are grateful for the experience. We can't wait to see all of our friends and family.

Here we are, in our "official" engagement picture!


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