Monday, January 28, 2008

I keep forgetting!

I'm not doing too well with my New Year's Resolution of blogging once a week. I think it's because mentally, I have set aside time to blog on Sunday nights. Last Sunday night, we had dinner with my family. And, Bob's parents arrived in town yesterday. Family time is definitely more important than blogging though. But, I still love my blog! Anyhow, no point to this post, I just felt like I needed to do one. I'm at work, so I don't really have any pics to post. But, this is what we've been up to:

~ We had dinner with the Cassidy's on the 11th. We met Joe, Rachel, Maddy, and Lynn for a delicious meal at Season's 52. We did not have reservations, but got very lucky with a table right away. It was a nice evening, and great to catch up with them.

~ I went brunette! The jury is still out on whether I like it or not. I feel like in person it looks good, but in pictures, I look washed out.

~This past Saturday, Bob and I ran in our first 5K together. The race was through Winter Park, along the beautiful brick-paved roads, and huge houses. The 5K was sponsored by one of our favorite restaurants Season's 52. Our goal was to run a 10 minute mile. We almost accomplished that - we ran a 10:09 mile. We are hoping to run a race each month.

~ On Saturday night, we were invited to a Going Away Party for our friends, the Egan's. We met Alex and Rachel in 2005 at the dog park. Our dogs Winston and Thompson introduced us; ha ha. We hit it off with them instantly. We even called them our "new best friends" for awhile, as an inside joke. It's too bad they're leaving...they'll be missed!

Well, that about sums up our life lately. Exciting, right? ;-) I'll post some pics this weekend.

P.S. We played Rock Band at the going away party and LOVED it!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dog Park

Here are a few pics of Winston from the dog park. He loves going, and it's always pretty chaotic (but fun) there. He's such a cutie...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Who are you voting for?

Try this candidate calculator and let me know your top 3!

Mine were (in this order):
1) Fred Thompson
2) Mike Huckabee
3) Mitt Romney

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I feel badly!

My sister was reading my blog the other day, and pointed out that I forgot to post about one important event that occurred recently. Our beloved family dog Bailey, passed away in December. Bailey was 14 years old! It was a sad day, but even more so, because it was just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Bailey was a great dog! He and I shared the same birthday too. He was a Labrador retriever, but was definitely on the smaller side. He loved sleeping with his family, on our beds. He also loved sleeping under this one particular table in our house. He had a great life, and it was a long one. He was always up for a walk or play time. And, he was always at our dinner table begging for food! But, that was definitely our fault. Back in his heyday, he would sometimes get loose, and it was always a fiasco trying to get him back.

He'll be missed by my parents the most though. After my sister and I moved out, he became their only "child" in the house. Kathy and I both have dogs though, so they welcome their grandsons visiting often.

Bailey, we'll miss ya, ya cute pooch!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

This is the day we went, not fake nails, fake tans, or fake you know what! This is the day we decided to buy an artificial tree. Real trees are beautiful, and they smell wonderful. They remind me of my childhood. But, we had to be realistic. Our house, in my opinion, looks like the house that the Incredibles live in. Our living/dining room face the front, or the street. We do not have your typical windows. Instead, they are located near the ceiling, and because of this, we do not have any window treatments on them. So, needless to say, we get a lot of sun during the day. It is not ideal for us to have a living tree, with the sun bearing down on it, all day, every day. So, we opted for this beautiful fake (!) tree. Actually, it is beautiful. Yes, it's fake, but it stands 9 feet tall, and it actually does look real. Plus, all I have to do is light my Yankee Candle Mistletoe candle, and we have the scent I so desire.

The tree is in the process of being taken down. I started packing up the ornaments today, but quit half-way.

P.S. I slipped in a cute pic of Winston and I. Wow, he's my size!

It's about time...

I finally imported all of our pictures from our camera tonight... from the past 3+ months. I really need to stay on top of this better. With that being said, I think over the next few posts, I may just post a lot of pictures, because otherwise, I'll feel they would have gone to waste.  

Ok, I am posting a couple of pics from Halloween, some before and afters, and in-between's. We purposely put our FAVORITE beer in one of the pictures. Sam Adam's makes this really tasty seasonal beer called Octoberfest. It is literally only out maybe 2 months out of the year, so we buy it every chance we get during this time.  The other picture is me dressed as Mrs. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. The picture is kind of bad, as my head is cut off, and you can't see my gold shoes.  I dressed up for work that day, as we had a contest. I didn't win, but a lot of people thought the costume was great (thanks Kathy!) The other pic is our friend Kyle...he made a great Frankenstein, right?!?! He is a good friend of Bob's, and we both work at Fiserv.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What happened?

What happened to our dear Gators yesterday? And, of all the teams to lose to, it had to be Michigan!?! Let's hope that 2008's season is a bit brighter than this past one.

Tim Tebow did win the Heisman I suppose we can't complain too much!

Now...on to basketball season.


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