Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I feel badly!

My sister was reading my blog the other day, and pointed out that I forgot to post about one important event that occurred recently. Our beloved family dog Bailey, passed away in December. Bailey was 14 years old! It was a sad day, but even more so, because it was just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Bailey was a great dog! He and I shared the same birthday too. He was a Labrador retriever, but was definitely on the smaller side. He loved sleeping with his family, on our beds. He also loved sleeping under this one particular table in our house. He had a great life, and it was a long one. He was always up for a walk or play time. And, he was always at our dinner table begging for food! But, that was definitely our fault. Back in his heyday, he would sometimes get loose, and it was always a fiasco trying to get him back.

He'll be missed by my parents the most though. After my sister and I moved out, he became their only "child" in the house. Kathy and I both have dogs though, so they welcome their grandsons visiting often.

Bailey, we'll miss ya, ya cute pooch!


Kathy said...

RIP Mr. Bailey...........Your thought about everyday!! Love you always

The LDB Group said...

Bails was a good pup!


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