Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frustration Nation!

Ok, I'm sitting here watching American Pie with the hubby, and finally witnessing some rain here! It has been so horribly dry here lately, and this storm is a welcomed relief! I'm sure you've heard about the brush fires here lately.

This is how we typically spend our Sunday late afternoons/early evenings. We are both vegging out on the couch, watching a movie, and playing on our laptops. Oh, and we can't forget Winston, he's laying at my feet. I made a great chicken casserole dinner tonight too - yummy!

I'm frustrated right now, because we had a "no show" today with looking at our house as a rental. I'm no idiot, I know we're going to get interesting people here (we had one yesterday!) and a lot of flaky people (today!) But, this lady seemed really nice in her emails, and she even called this morning to postpone her appointment. And, after waiting for an hour and half, I finally changed into my bathing suit, and headed out to the pool for some trashy girl novel time. She just wasn't going to come. Anyhow, the good thing that came out of these appointments, is that we CLEANED our house all day yesterday, decluttered, and even started packing. I think the reality of moving is starting to sink in.

Please pray for us, or send us some good thoughts, if that's not up your alley....we'll need it. We are asking for responsible, kind, and caring tenants. Oh, and thank goodness, it is FINALLY raining! Our lawn is pathetic - lol!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Forrest Gump!

Bob and I are moving to Forrest Gump's home state - Alabama!

Yup, it's official, in about 4 weeks, we will be Alabamians... This decision took almost two weeks, and wow, it was hard! But, this is a great opportunity for Bob's career, and definitely a step in the right direction for him...well, us, actually! Bob was offered a promotion, and I must admit, I'm so proud of him. Is my husband ever going to stop impressing me? Probably not... :)

Ok, so we have A LOT to do over the next few weeks, so any help is appreciated. My last day at my job is May 30th. Once we get settled, I'll start looking for a job. Oh, and I'm OBSESSED, I mean OBSESSED!!! with this neighborhood in Hoover (a suburb outside of the 'Ham).

I'll probably look at the site after I'm done here. Isn't that neighborhood the coolest? Plus, it's called "Ross Bridge!" I think it's meant to be, and I hope we can move there. We'll rent for a few months though first, depending on our house here in Florida selling or being rented out.

On a sad note, I am really bummed about leaving my family and friends. I'm going to miss my sister like a maniac, and my mama too. Luckily, Southwest flies to Birmingham, and we will definitely be back and forth a lot.

Oh, and I totally got a bikini wax today for the first time. My friend Tova gave me a gift certificate to her waxing salon as a birthday present. I made her go with me. It was interesting, but not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I would recommend open to some new changes :) I know we are.


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