About Jen

My name is Jennifer, but I go by Jen. Well, I have a few people in my life that will always call me Jennifer, and oddly, my husband is NOT one of them. I also go by Jenny, by even a less select few.

I grew up just outside of Orlando, Florida; 45 minutes away from Mickey Mouse, and 45 minutes away from the beach. Really, it was the best of both worlds! My parents still live in the same house, with their same friends. They are lucky. I am the third out of four siblings. I have two older brothers, and a little sister. My brothers are both married, with four kids each. We like to reproduce. My sister is *seriously* involved, and will probably be married off soon enough. I graduated from the University of Central Florida, way back in 2002.

I met my husband at work in early 2004. We had a Pam/Jim (of The Office) relationship for several months. He had the girlfriend, but I still flirted. Finally, in September of that same year, we started dating. We married in 2007, and moved to Alabama the following summer. We were pregnant by our first wedding anniversary. Our bundle of joy was born April 30, 2009 - six weeks premature.

Bob is a graduate of the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and the oldest of two siblings. His younger sister lives in Atlanta with her fiance. Bob's parents are settled south of Atlanta, after an almost 30 year stint in the Army. Bob had a fabulous childhood of moving all over the country, as well as living in Panama, Hawaii, and Korea. He works as a financial representative for a reputable, well-known company.

Bobby is our pride and joy, and really a great kid. He's a little rascal, and all boy. He's definitely a momma's boy, but I don't mind one bit. He's absolutely gorgeous with big blue eyes, and blonde hair. Speaking of blue eyes - he had only a 25% chance of having them, and does. Dad and Mom have brown eyes, while both of our fathers' eyes are blue. Bobby is one to surprise us. I think he'll probably be a handful down the road, especially with the ladies. He's just too darn cute, which will eventually turn into handsome (*like his daddy*).

The *Regal Pup* is our labradoodle Winston. He's probably the best dog I've ever encountered. He can catch frisbee pretty well, and was trained off leash. He's a great running partner too. He loves kids, and has quite the bond with Bobby. He loves his bed (who wouldn't?), eating, swimming, and just being outdoors. He does shed though, which makes for one messy house!

That's *us* in a nutshell! (For some updated pictures of the fam; please check out my button, "The Ross Family.")


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