Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Asheville Trip - Our Cabin

Our cabin was located in Weaversville, NC - a 20 or so minute drive from Asheville. It was named the Best View Hideaway, and trust me, it had the best view! Here is a picture of the cabin. Isn't it cute and eclectic?

This was taken on the deck. Can you see the mountains in the background? This deck was awesome! We had a fire going each night.

The cabin was on a horse pasture, and they often came to visit! I think this one ate Winston's frisbee.

Our view from the deck...

Bob took this picture of me on the deck one morning. He was out in the pastures with Winston. You'll notice another dog in the picture. His name was Chuck, and he was one of the owner's. The cabin shared land with the main house.

More details to come soon...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trip Recap Coming Soon!

BWe made it home yesterday from our trip. It was a lot of fun, with absolutely beautiful scenery. It was also great to see Dave and Totty. I'll upload some pictures soon, with a recap of the vacation, hopefully by the end of the week.

I also have a few new house pictures, but may just wait until we go back on Sunday! Can't wait!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Be back soon!

We are heading to Asheville, NC on Sunday to celebrate our One Year Anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year, it really has flown by. We like to keep things exciting - in one year, besides getting married, we moved out of state, got new jobs, and built a home. Hey, the year's not over yet - what else can we do?

We'll be joined in Asheville by our two bestest friends from our honeymoon, Dave and Totty. Yep, you read that right...we are having our own Little Dix Bay reunion in Asheville! Be back soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

November 13, 2008

We are closing on our house!
Enough said. Apartment living sucks.

Monday, October 6, 2008

House Progression, continued

Here is the the travertine countertop we chose for the master bath. It is a bit dusty at the moment...I don't think they have cleaned it yet. I suppose after they put in our sinks?

Here is our master bedroom. Again, I have those ghost "orbs" in the picture. I wanted to point out the color. It is a bit more blue in person. We love it! Another great thing about the house, they paint the walls and ceilings.

Our fireplace tile has been installed. The mantle has yet to be painted though.

Isn't this picture funny and cute?

Yesterday was also the Hometown Fair at Ross Bridge. We took this picture as we were driving away. Isn't this awesome? Ross Bridge is doing these types of events ALL the time! Never a dull moment at the Bridge!

House Progression, continued

Our house is coming along so quickly! We could not believe everything that had occurred in one week: tile, paint, countertops, light fixtures, fans... Seriously, it was insane. We are kind of freaking out about it. We think the closing date will be a lot sooner than originally anticipated. It's great, because we are so sick of the Jolly Green Giants that live above us, but a bit scary too. We just have to make sure we have all our i's dotted, and t's crossed.

Here I am in our master bathroom shower. We chose the tile.

Countertops are in! I am so excited, and really love the black we chose. I think it complements the darker cabinets quite nicely.

Here is the lighting fixture we chose for the dining room. I love it!

Here is the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom.

Garage doors were installed last time, but here is a picture of one down. We're still missing the lighting fixtures above the garage doors.

Mary and Ryan's Wedding

My cousin Mary got married on Saturday, October 4th. She is the cousin that is closest to me on both sides, being just 7 months older than me. I have so many fun memories of us growing up together. We would spend summers at her house, or mine. And, don't even get me started on the memories at Grandma's house! Anyhow, I wouldn't have missed this wedding for anything. It was held in Gainesville, FL. The drive was about 6 hours for us. We were only there for a night, as the wedding was in the morning. I would have liked to have hung out longer, but with that drive, we had to get back on the road.

Here is Mary being walked down the aisle by my Uncle Mike.

First Dance with new groom, Ryan Cooke.


The cake.

My grandmother with her children. From left to right, my Uncle Mike, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Susan, and Uncle Frank. They all look so much alike!

Defective Dog

If you know us, then you know that we are crazy about our pooch Winston. I am however, not crazy about his shedding. One of the reasons why we chose a labradoodle, was because of their minimal to no shedding trait. Well, our dog is defective in that way. He sheds like it is going out of style. I asked Bob to brush him a couple of weeks ago, and this is all the fur he was able to brush out. I know, I know...gross (but kind of funny, too?) No?


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