Monday, October 6, 2008

House Progression, continued

Here is the the travertine countertop we chose for the master bath. It is a bit dusty at the moment...I don't think they have cleaned it yet. I suppose after they put in our sinks?

Here is our master bedroom. Again, I have those ghost "orbs" in the picture. I wanted to point out the color. It is a bit more blue in person. We love it! Another great thing about the house, they paint the walls and ceilings.

Our fireplace tile has been installed. The mantle has yet to be painted though.

Isn't this picture funny and cute?

Yesterday was also the Hometown Fair at Ross Bridge. We took this picture as we were driving away. Isn't this awesome? Ross Bridge is doing these types of events ALL the time! Never a dull moment at the Bridge!

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