Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Asheville Trip - Our Cabin

Our cabin was located in Weaversville, NC - a 20 or so minute drive from Asheville. It was named the Best View Hideaway, and trust me, it had the best view! Here is a picture of the cabin. Isn't it cute and eclectic?

This was taken on the deck. Can you see the mountains in the background? This deck was awesome! We had a fire going each night.

The cabin was on a horse pasture, and they often came to visit! I think this one ate Winston's frisbee.

Our view from the deck...

Bob took this picture of me on the deck one morning. He was out in the pastures with Winston. You'll notice another dog in the picture. His name was Chuck, and he was one of the owner's. The cabin shared land with the main house.

More details to come soon...

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Jamie said...

That looks like it was a great little getaway! I do love the cabin and the view.

Will we ever talk again, lol? Call me when you can, I got a new cell phone and not all my numbers are in it.


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