Monday, October 6, 2008

Defective Dog

If you know us, then you know that we are crazy about our pooch Winston. I am however, not crazy about his shedding. One of the reasons why we chose a labradoodle, was because of their minimal to no shedding trait. Well, our dog is defective in that way. He sheds like it is going out of style. I asked Bob to brush him a couple of weeks ago, and this is all the fur he was able to brush out. I know, I know...gross (but kind of funny, too?) No?


Jessica said...

Wait! Don't bring all that dander and hair to beautiful Ross Bridge!! Haha, j/k :) Funny you picked a no-shedder and he sheds anyway.

Admiral Fluffycheeks said...

No dog doesn't shed. The lies of the breeders of labordoodles.
He is a cutie though, so you can't be mad.
Do you brush him daily? I find it helps out a ton with cutting down the random Ava hairs everywhere.

The Ross Family said...

It wasn't even the breeder that lied, it was the internet - dun dun dun!!! I don't brush him daily, but try.

Jess, I will try not to bring any dander to our beautiful Ross Bridge!

mom said...

dad was laughing so hard as he read about the defective dog- but we still love him!!!!

Totty said...

Our "boys" will be in great company next week in Asheville. i thought Boots was the champion at shedding. Winston is going to give him a run for his money.
I actually talked to the dogs this morning about how they don't know Winston yet, but are going to really like him. And that they are going to get to run and play their little hearts out. From the pictures of the place it looked like we could just let them roam around off leash- don't you think?

The Ross Family said...

I definitely think the pups will be able to run around like crazy. They are going to have so much fun! I'll be entertained just watching them - lol.

ravenous pig said... you know what i am thinking:)

The Ross Family said...

Of course I do ravenous pig!


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