Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Almost settled...

Ok, we are in our new apartment. We've been in Birmingham for 4 days now, and our furniture was delivered this morning. We can now finally get settled. It's been a mix of excitement and boredom for me the past few days. The drive up was not too bad, and rather pretty along some roads. We did a lot of exploring and got caught up on some much needed sleep over the weekend. Bob started his new job on Monday. He seems to really like it a lot, and is definitely keeping busy. I have tried to keep myself busy, but I think I will be now for the rest of the week unloading and unpacking. The job hunt starts next week. Thus far, I've found a few positions online that seem appealing. I have to update my resume. I know it will be easy, but for some reason, I hate doing that kind of stuff. Winston is doing well too. I think he's happy as long as he's walked daily. I do feel badly for him though, and I can't wait for us to be in a house. 

Speaking of houses...I've found some great neighborhoods. We really would love new construction, but like Florida, all the new homes are in cookie cutter neighborhoods. We've found a few subdivisions, where the homes are 10 or so years old (not too bad). Either way, we have a 7 month lease, so we've got plenty of time.

I can't wait to get situated though and organized. Now to some unpacking!


Admiral Fluffycheeks said...

Just curious, why new? What is wrong with an older home?

Totty said...

hey- send me you email address. i only have your old work one!

Anonymous said...

Totty, I never got my addresses from my work address book. I know I have it written down somewhere, and can dig it up. But, in case you check back here, it is


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