Monday, November 19, 2007

No locks on the door? - Honeymoon, Day 1

Our honeymoon was amazing! We had so much fun, and made tons and tons of memories. We stayed at the Little Dix Bay Resort, in Virgin Gorda. Virgin Gorda is part of the British Virgin Islands. There's so much to say about our honeymoon, so I think I may post more than one blog about it. Plus, this blog will serve as a journal to our family.

So, here I go...

We arrived in Virgin Gorda by way of a layover in Puerto Rico, and then a stop in St. Thomas. Our flight from Orlando to San Juan was with Delta. As a wedding gift, (besides paying for most of the wedding!), my dad surprised us with plane tickets. We flew First Class, and felt so spoiled...thanks Dad!

The plane from San Juan was tiny!

We made it finally to Virgin Gorda, around 6pm on Monday, 10/15. We were pretty tired, and ready for some R&R. We were greeted at the airport...

By an employee of Little Dix Bay. He greeted us with cool, refreshing washcloths. At that point, we both knew we were headed for a luxurious place. We didn't know it at the time, but one of the other couples in the van with us, would become our honeymoon buddies.

We arrived at the resort, and couldn't believe our eyes! It was immaculate! We felt like we were in Utopia. The landscaping was perfect and beautiful.

And, our room was amazing! We stayed in an Ocean Cottage, about 20 feet away from the ocean. The Ocean Cottages were actually rooms, with balconies, that were in the shape of a hexagon. Each building, had four rooms. Ours just happened to be the last one on the road - privacy! The rooms had turn-down service each night. The staff would come in, turn down the bed, put our slippers (which they gave us) by the bed, and turn on our soothing, Spa music. And, our ice bucket was filled daily, 2-3 times/day. Oh, and we weren't able to lock our doors either! Crazy, right?!? Well, we could lock them from the inside, but not when we left our room. The resort provided safes in each room. We really liked this aspect of the I mentioned before, we were in Utopia!

Ok, so I'm going to attach some pics of our room in the next post. It's annoying to have to rearrange the HTML codes in these posts (or, I'm just getting lazy...). Plus, I think this post is long enough. I hope you have enjoyed it!

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