Monday, November 5, 2007

The Ceremony

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! I honestly could not have asked for the moment to be more perfect. As we arrived at Heathrow, we were whisked away immediately for some pre-ceremony pictures. It was a lot of fun, but wow, the wind was blowing! We did manage to sneak some good pictures in. But, then, people starting showing up - early!!! I wanted to hide pronto, not only from the early-arrivers, but also from Bob.

The girls were taken to the Women's Locker Room, inside the country club. The locker room was on the bottom floor of the club, about two flights down. I felt like we were in a basement. And, I felt like we were trapped in this tiny space (it really wasn't tiny, but I did feel like the room was shrinking in on me) forever!!! I found out afterwards, that the ceremony started a little late for a reason. What was this reason, you might ask? The best man, Jeremy left the rings in the limo! Oddly enough, I didn't put two and two together when Lisa asked me what the limo company's name was. Instead, I was at this point, focusing on my breathing (thanks JoJo). Actually, I have a lot to thank JoJo for, in regards to the anxiety I was feeling before the ceremony. She was great at calming the girls down, because they were hyper. I think she might have introduced them to some Yoga Breathing techniques for the first time in their young lives.
Finally, and I mean, finally, the ceremony was ready to begin. We all lined up, and were ready to go. At this point, (well, I admit, it was earlier than this point), I started getting really nervous. I watched as my bridesmaids walked down the aisle. Then, I saw my flower girl leave my side. Everyone was leaving me! But, then I saw him. I know what you're're thinking - Bob, right? No, it was my dad, ready to walk his oldest daughter down the aisle. I was shaking pretty badly by this point. My dad sensed my nervousness, and held me pretty tightly. Or, rather, he held me up!

As I walked down the aisle, I took notice of all the guests. I wanted to absorb everything in. I was just about half-way down the aisle, when my eyes met Bob's. And, that's when I lost it. I just started crying. They were tears of anxiety, tears of love, and tears of happiness. As soon as I was by Bob's side, I felt comfortable again. The ceremony was emotional for us, and our family and friends. People later told us, that they could just tell how much in love we were with one another. The ceremony was magical, in a sense for me. I was looking deep into Bob's eyes. I felt completely at ease. I didn't even stutter a word during our vows. I was strong, because of him. We stated our vows, and everything went smoothly. I felt relaxed and at ease, and it was sincerely because of my husband!

Overall, and before I just keep blabbing, the ceremony was everything and more, than I had imagined. It was the best way to entwine our love together for eternity. We are blessed, very, very blessed...


Jamie said...

My favorite part was when you mouthed to Bob, "I love you" as you approached him and then watching him say it back! So sweet!!

Kathy said...

The wedding was absoutely beautiful and was so honored to be your maid of honor--I agree, my speech was awesome:0 Love you guys so much


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