Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting Ready for the Big Day!

The day of the wedding seemed to have dragged for me. I awoke that morning around 9am or so. Unfortunately, I slept pretty horribly the night before. I was pretty tired most of the morning, but as the afternoon approached my adrenaline took over.

Lisa and Nicole were the first bridesmaids to arrive that day. Lisa brought over champagne and OJ for mimosas. She brought over so much champagne (it was a big joke), we ended up with plenty for the family brunch on Sunday. Joye and Jo Jo got the house around noon, as things were starting to get into full swing. Jamie arrived at the house around 1pm. The rest of the bridal party (Victoria, Meagan, and Ashley) arrived around 2pm, after Meagan's soccer game.

Overall, the day was just weird for me. I was happy, excited, and feeling all sorts of emotions. But, I was also nervous, tense, and a bit overwhelmed. The women we hired to do our hair and make-up did a great job! And, they were so nice. Larri kept me calm and level-headed, along with everyone else.
Once everyone started getting dressed, I started to get really excited. I was extremely happy with the outcome of the dresses from Aria. And, I just felt that everything came together perfectly! The earrings I picked out were perfect too! I was a bit nervous over that, because I had thought that they would be too big. Overall, everyone looked stunning! My friends can sure clean up well ;-).

Here are some pics of us getting ready.

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