Monday, October 29, 2007

The Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal dinner was held at our home, following the lovely rehearsal...(you think?) I was a bit nervous about this whole idea during the beginning of the planning process. The last thing I wanted, was to be stressed out due to hosting such a large party at our home. However, after being calmed by my in-laws, and then the caterer, I felt a lot better.

The caterer met us a few weeks before the dinner, and was great! He was creative with his ideas, professional, and full of energy. In case anyone ever needs a caterer in the Central Florida area, the name of the company is Good 2 Go Gourmet. The food was excellent, and they took care of EVERYTHING! Our house, didn't even feel like our own house! It looked great!
Overall, the dinner was wonderful! It was great to see everyone. We had about 40 people over for dinner, and about 60 people over for dessert after. If I hadn't been the bride, I definitely would have stayed later. The party was in full swing!
Overall, the party was a huge success! The Ross family did a wonderful job of hosting!


Jamie said...

I agree. It was quite the party, everything was so pretty and the dinner was delicious!!

alexgalvez said...

Glad to make the cut on the rehearsal pics! Great time guys. Nice blog.


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