Monday, October 1, 2007

Bachelorette Party - Friday 9/14/07

I'm sure everyone is interested in seeing all the debauchery that went on during my Bachelorette Party. Unfortunately, there was only a tiny, miniscule bit of it. I thought I would post two blogs regarding the weekend, one for Friday night, and one for Saturday.
We arrived in Savannah on Friday night around 6pm. I was joined there by my sister, Kathy, Bob's sister, Jo, and friends, Lisa, Katie, Kelly, Heidi, and Tova. We stayed at the Hampton Inn on Bay Street, which was a perfect location! The hotel was right across the street from the infamous River Street. And, just a block or two away from City Market, the other "happening" spot of Savannah.

We went out to dinner on Friday night at this yummy seafood restaurant. Unfortunately, the name slips my mind, but it was fun, nonetheless. Here is a picture of us from that dinner...

After dinner, we were off on our next adventure - a ghost hearse tour! Besides the debauchery that was to come later (kidding!); I think this was the best part of our trip. We had the entire hearse to ourselves, and really enjoyed the tour. I highly recommend it to anyone who visits Savannah. Make sure you do the hearse tour adds to the experience.
Here is a picture of us all at a local cemetery...

So, there you go...that was our Friday in Savannah. Stay tuned for what happened Saturday night. It was crazy!! ;-)

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