Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ava Grace Lee

Ava Grace Lee made her entrance into the world on February 4, 2008. I am WAY behind in posting this great news, but this is the first time I have updated my blog from home (so, I can use our own pics).

She's Michael and Caryn's 4th child, 3rd daughter, and my parent's 8th grandchild!!! My brothers sure do keep busy ;-)

P.S. More recent news...It's been storming quite a bit. I'm enjoying a nice, typical afternoon thunderstorm right now, I love it.

Bob and I ran 7.14 miles yesterday (our longest yet!). He's signed up for a triathlon in June. I'm still doing my monthly 5k's, but feel ready for the next step (10k).

We have been doing some decorating in the house. I'll post pics at a later date.

Oh, and I went back blonde and cut my hair. It's about 2-3 inches below my chin. It'll be a nice change for summer.


Admiral Fluffycheeks said...

She is super cute! Plus her name rules!

Good luck in your runs. 10k should be fun! I know of some cool ones if you want. And after you do the 10k, it is on to the 1/2!

Brad, Jamie and Tyson said...

i like the dark long locks! post a pic of your new cut. good luck in your upcoming runs, i think it's great that you two do that together!

Brad, Jamie and Tyson said...

friend... it's time to update your blog!


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