Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July Celebration

Bob and I spent the 4th of July in Peachtree City this year. Each year, Bob's parents throw a great party, and we were finally able to come. From Birmingham, we are now just over a 2 hour drive from them. It's great!

Peachtree City is known for their miles upon miles (hundreds) of golf cart paths. We went to a parade on Friday morning, and literally were stuck in a traffic jam on the golf cart path. The picture here (courtesy of Bob Sr.) does not do this traffic jam justice. There were hundreds of golf carts, and they were mostly all decorated for the 4th.
After the parade, we headed back to the house for the party. It was great seeing old friends, and meeting new ones too. Later that night, we took the golf carts to view the fireworks. They were great!

Overall, it was a wonderfully fun, long weekend. I'm sure we'll be visiting both our families in Atlanta a lot!


Jamie said...

Where are the pictures of you two on the fourth? Glad you had a fun weekend!!

Admiral Fluffycheeks said...

How festive! I am glad you could see your family on such a nice long weekend.

Shannon said...

wow! congrats on the promotion, and the new house! how exciting! i still can't believe how we just missed each other! we are renting a home in lake mary til we decide to build or buy, it's tough but the best decision. miss ya!


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