Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Checking In

Hello everyone!

It's been almost a month since my last post, and we've definitely kept busy. The main reason for my blog hiatus, was due to the fact that I was without a laptop from June 19th - June 30th! Yikes! The reason for most of my blog breaks seem to be due to technical difficulties. I could link to a few posts as examples, but I'm being lazy. Oh, and me being lazy is reason #2 for my blog break! Anyhow, we had to actually ship the laptop off to Apple in California this time for repair. And, it shipped back to us during the iPhone 4 release, which caused a few days delay. We've had some big changes occur in the house, which I will blog about soon. We've had company visit, gone out of town ourselves, and all sorts of stuff going on. I've got major catching up to do, and it will happen soon. Until then, take care!



Jamie said...

I've been checking in waiting for an update... Ilook forward to the updates. I hope all is well!!

Shannon said...

Glad to see y'all are alive and kicking in the Ross household. Looking forward to updates soon!


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