Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guys Weekend

Bob went to Chattanooga this weekend to compete in an Olympic distance triathlon. With Chattanooga being just over 2 hours from Birmingham (who knew?!?), he left yesterday, late morning. Bobby and I are eagerly awaiting his return, to see how he did! He went with his friend Bart, and is competing with a lot of his training buddies from The Vulcan Tri Club.

Speaking of Bob, and triathlons, I wanted to share what Bob received for Father's Day this year.

First, the awesome gift wrapping job I did...

I spent a good 45 minutes during one of Bobby's naps wrapping his gift with a Runners World magazine.

Bob unveiling his gift!

Notice his shirt, and the poster in the frame.

I framed the race poster from his Half-Ironman triathlon down in Panama City, and had three photos of him included (swim, bike, run). Joanne Fabrics did the professional framing.

Another piece of "art" for Daddy's coveted Man-Room!!!


The McCrystals said...

Good present! I love that he's wearing the shirt too!

Kathy said...

Good Job Jen, love the wrapping paper :)

The Wilder Family said...

LOVE IT!! I may have to borrow your brilliant idea!!

Tracey said...

What a great present!


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