Tuesday, August 10, 2010

15 Months Old

Bobby turned Fifteen Months old on July 30, 2010.

Bobby waiting to see his pediatrician, Dr. Albert.

Weight: 22.11 lbs. (30th percentile)
(Long and lean like his daddy, with big feet too!)

Height: 33 inches (95th percentile)

Sleeping Patterns: Bobby is sleeping 11-12 hours per night. He now goes to bed at 7:30 pm, although I am contemplating a later bedtime. He naps just once during the day, usually around 12:30 pm. His naps typically last two hours. He transitioned to one nap at 13.5 months.

Eating Habits: Bobby is pretty much eating everything in sight! We had a few weeks of picky eating, but thankfully that phase has sailed (for now). He is now fond of vegetables again! I definitely need to start giving him more though. It is hard for me to remember to buy them, because I myself, am not a fan. Bobby takes his morning milk in a sippy cup (with a straw), and will drink more throughout the day (along with juice and water). He does still get a nightly bottle of milk. He is too funny, because he will beg for food now, almost like he's a pup! (Actually, I think he's worse than Winston).

New discoveries & Accomplishments: Oh goodness! Where do I begin? I feel like I have such a big boy on my hands, since the 12 month update. Bobby has a vocabulary of about 10 words. His new word he's recently just started with is "nigh nigh" (night night). He knows exactly when it is time for nigh nigh, and it is too cute. He says "hi" a lot more too, but he says it in a high pitch, which is too funny. Other words: mama, daddee, ball, boo, done, dog, and "I uve u" (I love you). He definitely understands us, and is pretty good at listening when we ask him to do something. Dr. Albert says he will fully comprehend what we say by 18 months! As for walking, he is finally doing so more regularly. He was a "stepper" for so long, and now finally a "walker." He is still plopping down to crawl, but each day is less and less. Bobby is really into his Mega Blocs lego's and trucks! He loves playing with his toy trucks and Thomas the Train toys. He is also a master stair climber. If it was up to him, he'd play on the stairs all day long. He loves to play peek-a-boo, and has done so in public, with strangers. He still loves to make lots of different sounds (motor mouth, clicking his tongue, and sticking his tongue out). Lastly, Bobby has taken an interest in trying to use utensils. He really is a ton of fun these days! Bobby has 4 top teeth, 3 bottom teeth, and 2 molars (top). He is still wearing 12-18 months in clothes, and in size 4 diapers. He is wearing a size 6 in shoes, but I am going to buy him 7's soon (like this week!)

Places you love: Bobby has taken to the pool this summer so well! He is so confident in the water, and is not afraid to put his head or face under. We will definitely be taking lessons next year. Bobby still loves walks in his buggy car. It is so hot this summer, so we don't walk as much as we'd like. Bobby recently went to Birmingham's science center, The McWane Center. He is now of the age where I can start taking him on fun little outings. This Friday, we are going to the Fire Station with our play group! For Fall, we have signed up for Kindermusik again, and will also be going to the Mother Goose storytelling time for one-year olds, at the local library. I think having two activities per week, along with play group will be perfect for his age! We will probably be able to participate more with my neighborhood's Mommy Network activities. It is sad to see my little baby growing up, but it is also so fun to experience new things with him. I love being a mom to him!

Special Friends: All of his neighborhood buds!

Current Events: Hot, hot, horribly hot summer with the heat index well into the 100's each day, Oil spill is almost fixed, mid-term election campaigning is in full-swing, Lindsay Lohan went to jail (thankfully), and the countdown for football season is on!

What We did This Day: We ran errands, and went to a friends' house that night for a fun cookout!


The McCrystals said...

Soooooooooooooo cute and such a big boy!

You and Bob sure did make one cute kid :)

Shannon said...

Wow, 15 months! Gosh times passes so fast! He's so tall!!! Thank goodness for healthy little ones! Happy 15!


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