Friday, August 20, 2010

Fire Station Fun!

Today, Bobby took his first trip to the local Fire Station. He had a great time (as did I)! We were able to go with our play group, and all of the wee ones were in awe of the big red trucks. Of course, all of the mommies went a little crazy with the pictures.

"Who you lookin' at?!?"

Play group!
From left to right: Claire and Cameron, Gina and Luke, Me and Bobby, Volree and Cooper, and Jenny and Jack.

My little firefighter.

"This hat makes a pretty cool drum, Mom!"

YOU try and get 5 kiddos to smile, AND look at the camera at once!

"I'm loving this Momma!"

Luke and Cooper taking a ring at the bell!

Bobby and Mommy.

"Momma, how does this work again?"

Bobby was pretty enamoured with the firefighters.

Jack (8 months) posing in the truck.

Cooper (11 months)
"Honk, honk!"

Luke was pretty confident he was posing for a Fire Man calendar here.

Bobby (15 months) and Cameron (16 months) checking out their reflections in the truck.

Bobby and I BOTH in the truck. Bobby did not want to be in the driver's seat alone! Poor guy...

Luke, you really got this modeling thing down good!


Jamie said...

How fun! We have a trip planned to go in September.

Shannon said...

How cute! Is your entire play group all boys? I need to get GG up there! :)

Y'all are too adorable and I'm again so jealous of all your fun outings! Just gotta know...did you see any good looking fire fighters?


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