Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bobby's Big Move

 We've been preparing for Evie's arrival, little by little.  One of those preparations was moving Bobby from the crib, so Evie could use it down the road. Well, one of the BIG changes that occurred in our house was Bobby transitioning to his "big boy" bed.  I ordered his bed and bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  I have had my eye on this bedding since Bobby was an infant.  It is just so versatile, and will grow with him.  I am not done with his room yet, but will post pictures once I am.


We bought his mattress from Costco, and it is SO comfortable.  You can't beat the price either!


Bobby was ecstatic when we revealed his new bed to him.  He went crazy jumping up and down, and screaming with glee.  Seriously, we had never heard that kind of excitement from him!  He is still talking about his "big boy" bed.

He sleeps great at night.  But, has only taken two naps in it.  We transitioned him last Monday.  He has been on the verge of dropping his nap, for almost a month; so I'm not too sure if it's the bed or not.  I just miss being able to keep him confined during his naps or "quiet time."


Shannon said...

How fun! We're set for a transition for GG sometime soon! I'm worried about the whole nap thing too...we'll see!

Waiting said...

LOVE the bedset!

jbeatty said...

I love his bedding and bed set. How cute that he was so thrilled with his new set up. Glad to hear he's been napping. That's great for him and for Mommy:)!


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