Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last night was a special night for me.  My sweet group of neighborhood friends, threw me a Sprinkle.  My good friend, and neighbor, Volree was also honored.  We are both due by the end of the month.  She's having a baby boy - Parker.  I can't believe that our babies are almost here!  It's been so fun being pregnant with her, and I hope that our little ones can grow up together!

The Sprinkle was such a sweet gesture, and I really appreciated everyone honoring Evie's upcoming arrival.  I'm so thankful to have these friends.  We are all such a support system for one another, and I can depend on them for anything!

PhotobucketFrom left to right:  Sabrina, Amanda, Gina, Volree, Me, Ginger, Kristin, Lexy, and Stefanie.

Both photos were taken by Stefanie L.


Shannon said...

What a great night! You are lucky! You girls look great!

Jenny Postma said...

I was thinking of you girls! Miss you so much, but thankful for at least the year I got with you all! Made lifelong friends in such a short time. You are all amazing. I can't get over how awesome you and Volree look! You were both so disciplined! Good motivation for me when my #2 time comes! Thank you for all of the blog updates:) XOOX


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