Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Life in iPhone pictures, recently...

And, when I say recently... I mean, from the beginning of the year.  
Hey, a girl's gotta try, right?!?

edited to add:  These pictures are so randomly out of place, it's ridiculous.

A beautiful view of downtown Birmingham, from The Club.  We spent an evening there celebrating the accomplishments of Bob, and his fellow colleagues.

We had a snow day this winter!  It was just one; and it wasn't much.  But, still exciting.  This picture just reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting.  A boy and his pup.

Poor Evie.  2013 has been her sick year.  Bless her heart.  Just this last week alone, she had an ear infection, fever, cold, and cut 4 teeth.  We are both SO over it!

But, on the other hand, she can be as happy as can be.  Here she is, playing at the library, one morning.

These three are always in cahoots.  Always.

Well, this picture sums Evie up pretty well.  My little toddler hellion!  I kid. I kid.

Here's Evie in February.  This was the start of our long drive to Orlando, to visit family.  It was also her first time turned around in her car seat at 14 months.

Enjoying that FL sunshine in February, looking oh so cute!

I'm not sure how this picture snuck in here; but, I believe it was taken BEFORE our FL trip.  Gee, thanks, Photo Stream. Anyhow, look at the sun setting on my little giraffe.

Back to FL.  Do these kids look like they belong in American Graffiti, or what?

Had some sisterly fun, and went bridesmaid dress shopping while visiting O-town.  This dress was a close second!

Friendship Park, Oviedo, FL.  Best.playground.eva.

I mean, preschool sized swings, so the parents don't have to push... genius!  And, astro-turf all over the playground.  We'd go there every day, if we still lived there.

Legoland, FL.  Bobby's first time riding a roller coaster.  His look of sheer terror in the beginning, was all smiles by the end.

Evie gets bus-nasty with an Oreo cookie.  This picture did not do it justice.  She went straight to the bathtub afterwards.

Wearing her first Matilda Jane dress.  Will I become an addict?  Only time will tell....

Evie sits on my lap during Bobby's Valentine's Day program at school.  She's a perfect angel, and paid such close attention.  Phew!

Ok, back to FL trip again (hmmm, hello iPhoto?!)  Look at this massive King Tut.  Yep, he's made from Lego's!

More beautiful FL sunshine in February.

Ooohh, yeah... here's the Valentine's Day program!  Bobby is in the front row, third from the left.  Obviously I'm too lazy, or (really, just don't care) to put these pictures in the correct order! ;)~

Goodbye bottles, bibs, and burp cloths.  Smell ya later! Or, never.

Beginning of the week from H-E-L-L at our house.  Bob has the stomach bug, and passes it to Evie, who then passes it to me, and then on to Bobby.  Barf.

Valentine's Day party at school.  I just love how these pictures are so intermingled in with everything.  Oh, and how Evie thinks she's part of the class, and sits at the table.

Visit 1 of 2 from Kelly.  It's really funny having someone here who knows nothing about kids.  No, seriously, it is.

Bundled up at the Chili Cook off a few weeks ago.  We had snow flurries the entire time we were there. Brr...

I walk Evie in the stroller, and Bobby runs.  #futuremarathoner

This guy prefers to eat chocolate at chili cookoff's.  I can't blame the kid!

Just call her "Evie Dynasty."

All greased up, and 50's out, for his school Spring Program.  "Jesus is the ROCK."

Finally leaving the chili cook off, Evie thinks, "well, it took us long enough.  You owe me.  Big."

Oh, yeah, she totally likes to help empty the dishwasher.  She's getting pretty good at it too!

Library adds iPads to their learning center.  It's about time.  My kid had no clue how to use a mouse/pad.

Apparently, Evie has ghosts in her crib.  Poor girl.

Ok, I know, I know... Totally scary pic.  No make-up, big scar on my neck visible.  But, this is my "Before" shot of the sun damage I have on my face.  I'll let you in on the secret later...

Evie loves the iPad too.  And, iPhone.  So, if you get any random texts, calls, Facebook updates, etc... it's probably her!!!

This my friends, is what life is all about.  Two best buds, and the little sister photo-bombing them.

Bobby falls asleep on my lap while watching March Madness.  I don't mind a bit...

Hitting the town for a girl's night out.  The maid will clean while I'm gone.  #iwish

Best buds, at Bobby's Easter party at school.  From left to right - Evan, Bobby, Ollie, and Jake.

My sister and Evie sharing a moment at my niece, Ava's birthday party.  Precious.

Hurkey, anyone?  Anyone?


Tiffany said...

Great recap!
I love that you're doing a before and after photo!! I can't wait to see the difference!

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