Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No more dog park for us...

Ok, so remember my earlier post about the dog park? And, how I mentioned it can be chaotic at times? Well, we are now boycotting the dog park. Bob and I took Winston this past Sunday. As usual, there were a million dogs there. Things started off fine, but then went south pretty fast. Winston was off in his own world (as usual, while at the park). We think it's funny, because he pays us no attention, it's like he has ADD! He really enjoys running up and down the beach, and playing fetch with other owners and their dogs...
I'm totally blabbing right now...back to the chaos. So, Bob and I were sitting there laughing at Winston's happiness. When all of a sudden, a melee broke out right in front of us. And, right there, in the midst of it all, a poor yellow lab was getting his ear bitten off by a pit. Ok, I'm being overly dramatic, but it was definitely a dog fight! And, to top it off, there were a dozen other dogs wrapped up in this madness too. My gut instinct kicked in, and I headed towards the pack (along with several other people). I was determined to save that yellow lab - poor guy!!! And, if Bob hadn't grabbed me, I would've jumped right in the middle of it all. I got reprimanded by husband, but rightfully so. Who knows if the pit would have bitten me?!?

So, after all that, and more, we decided to not return. Winston is always so dirty too. It's just not worth it. Plus, he has a few friends in the neighborhood he plays with. And, we usually give him a daily walk.

*Sigh...* I feel better now. I was feeling guilty of our decision, but writing about it makes me feel better. :)


Admiral Fluffycheeks said...

Did the pit's owner do something? I hope so or at least that he was reported.
We had a husky who would attack other little dogs and the owner did nothing. He would just laugh and thought it was funny. He finally got in huge trouble after someone reported him and he was caught doing nothing to stop his dog from attacking another one.

Is there not another dog park near you? I am glad Winston was safe and off in his own world.

Shannon said...

ironic bc we took our dogs to a dog park yesterday for the first time, gainesville is way smaller, it was all good! we loved it. our dogs (and kids) did get dirty. but it was so fun bc normally we take them to a regular park and feel so bad for them being on a leash 99% of the time. it was great and our kids had a blast too! you'll have to bring Winston up here next time you wanna go to a dog park!


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