Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Belated 60th Duke!

Bob's dad celebrated his 60th birthday earlier this month (March 5th). My Bob was able to fly up (on his company's dime, he he) to surprise him.

Bob's dad has many a nickname, but we call him Duke. Duke is also the name of their dog. Bob loves to take pictures (check out his website:, eat Ho-Ho's, walk the pup on the golf cart path, his wife, his kids (includes me now, he he), his family, served in the Army for over 20 years, he likes to mute commercials, has three brothers, will hug anyone when he meets them the first time, takes his camera everywhere, has a Harley, does the dishes, has a huge, generous heart, is a crazy driver, makes great wedding albums, sleeps in late, has the biggest computer monitor I have ever seen, has a studio in his basement, likes Jimmy Buffet, has participated in 1/2 marathons, has beautiful blue eyes, is taller than my husband, has a great mom, has a huge extended army family, gives great advice, is funny, gets out of golf cart tickets, throws big 4th of July parties, loves his grand dog Winston, has a wonderful laugh, and a genuine soul.

Happy 60th to the Best Father-In-Law a girl could ask for!

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Brad, Jamie and Tyson said...

such a sweet little tribute. i'm glad you have a great f.i.l. your bob had a good role model growing up. i love how much bob and his dad favor each other! he scored as far as d.i.l. go!


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