Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday

Oh, how I looked forward to my Highlights magazine each month. I'm glad the publication is still around today.

My American Girls doll, Kirsten Larson was my absolute favorite! My sister, and our neighbors played "house" ALL THE TIME with these dolls. My sister had Samantha. These are HUGE now. If you're ever in Atlanta, check out the American Girls Store. It is oh so much fun. You can even bring your doll and have her hair done.

I don't think I really even liked the way my Benetton Colors smelled, but I HAD to have it, because all my friends did. I remember this was one of the gifts I received in 6th grade for being confirmed at church.

Shirt Tails! I loved this cartoon, amongst many, many more. I hope some of you remember it, because whenever I have brought it up in the past, no one seems to have a memory of it. I believe it was televised on USA Cartoon Express.

TGIF! This night was my favorite night of the week for TV watching. My sister and I would often go next door to watch the shows and eat pizza with the Brown's. Man, Uncle Jesse still looks good today!

Did you have any of these items? Did you watch any of these shows? What are some of your flashbacks from the past?


mom said...

you are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

sis said...

lol, shirt tales, totally remember!! how bought when we played bank with the monoply money and set it up in the living room with the crusty tv tables, lol lol

sis said...


Jessica said...

Hey Jennifer, It's Jess Garrison from Ross Bridge. I am now stalking YOUR blog!

I still have most of my highlights mags (packrat?) and let my son play with them when we are at my parents house.

Still LOVE Full House even though the hubby can't stand it! I think I was the last one to know that Bob Sagat was a nasty little man! I still think of him as the perfect dad!

I never had an American Girls Doll but I had all the books. I was home for a few weeks just b4 we closed on our house in RB and reread the Samantha series. Good stuff! I think I had some of the clothes too, the child-size version of the doll clothes.

Did I mention that I can't afford a double bob? The Tech Trax is $299... I would love to come by the store anyway just to look ;)

The Ross Family said...

Oh rats Jess about the stroller! You know... I completely spaced too when I left the comment on your blog. I didn't realize you were needing the double - DUH!!! lol

Shannon said...

oh i remember those days...

N.M.B. said...

I was just thinking about TGIF yesterday when I was driving home from work....I would LIVE for Friday night TV when I was in elementary school!


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