Tuesday, August 26, 2008

House Progression, continued

August 17, 2008

Very bad lighting, this is the future "man room." Notice Winston is in this picture!

And, that's all folks :( Yes, I know... you wanted more? Our camera died after these pictures. We still have not found the charger. Joye, Bob, did we happen to leave it in Peachtree City one weekend? Funny thing, we think Winston just knew this was his house. He trotted around like he owned the place. I was a nervous wreck though, with it being a construction site.

We did go back again this past Sunday. Our other camera died as well, and we cannot find that charger either. I also cannot figure out how to import those pictures. For some reason, our memory stick adapter does not want to work for that particular card.


Ok, off to the vet for pup.

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mom said...

looking good- wow- it will done before you know it-


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