Sunday, November 22, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

Goodbye Fall decorations...

Hello Christmas decorations! Well, kind of...

I am one of those people that strongly believe Christmas decorations should not be put up until after Thanksgiving. However, we did decide to get our stuff out of the attic today. Last year, I was pregnant (aka lazy), and we were not here for Christmas, so we did not put up a tree. We won't be here for Christmas this year, or next, but because it is Bobby's first Christmas, we are definitely decorating. Our tree we used in FL is 9 ft. tall. We had cathedral ceilings in our old house. Well, our tree simply does not fit in this house. So, we took the bottom off, and it is now just a few inches below 7'. It is a bit smaller than I wanted, but it will work. Now, we certainly don't have a lot of decorations to begin with, being just married 2 years. But, we do have a bit. And, of course, during our move, we lost some. Our tree stand and tree skirt happen to be some of the items missing. Luckily, my thrifty husband made an awesome homemade tree stand. I was quite impressed! Anyhow, we've already faced a few annoying challenges, and the decorating has not even really begun!

Christmas is definitely my most favorite holiday. But, as an adult, it stresses me out to no end. Am I the only one who feels this way?


Meg said...

I think you just have to decide how far you want to go and what level of stress you want to have. I have 15 minutes of decorating because that is all I want to have at this point.
I also think making your house smell Christmasy goes a LONG way. :)

Katherine Breehl said...

I used to work so hard preparing for Christmas that I was totally exhasted for the actual event!! This was not fun!! You don't have to be Martha Stewart, especially with a new baby. Be sure to enjoy the time with your family!! That is the most important part!! :)


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