Monday, November 16, 2009

What a Pain!

As I mentioned previously, I am signed up to run the Mercedes Half Marathon on February 14th. If all goes well, I'll be lucky if I can run at least half of it! I have been nursing a knee problem now for several weeks. My IT Band has caused me to have great pain on the outside of my right knee while running. I have taken a lot of time off from running, and am now currently doing short distances (1-2 miles), and doing intervals of running and walking. I am only doing this a couple of times a week. I also ice it, heat it, stretch it, massage it, and take Ibuprofen daily. I am also running in new shoes. Still, nothing seems to be working. The stretches are ones used by my husband, while he did physical therapy last year for his IT Band. The only thing I am not doing, which would probably help a great deal is cross-training. My running mojo has vanished, and so has my working out mojo. I did workout a little bit last week, and am hoping to do more this week. I need to get back on track!

Sorry to be such a whiner in this post. But, I wanted to update ya'll on my training, or lack thereof. Please say a prayer for me! I'd love to be healed, and back to my running soon :-) Also, say one for Bob. He's currently unable to run too, due to an injury (which is still yet to be determined).


Beth Dunn said...

Saying a prayer! xoxo


The Wilder Family said...

My whole body is sore from P90X - you can come join me!! :) Hope you are better soon!

mom said...

tht is why I don't push myself- try to take it easy and dad does not either-hehe

Vineyard Vogue said...

Pain while training is so frustrating :( I've had problems with my left knee since an injury in high school.. and nothing is worse than when you're feeling great during a workout and your knee begins to ache and get weak. Ugh. I've been told that stretching is one of the best things you can do for it, though, so hang in there! I'm sure you're be ready for that race in February. Speaking of which, I'm going to run a half next year (late summer or Fall) so I'd love to know what your training plan is like. I'm trying to figure out which one is best for me!


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