Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Two weeks ago, Bob, Bobby, and I visited a new church - Discovery United Methodist. I am happy to say, that I feel like it is THE ONE our family will attend going forward. The service was very similar to our old church. I had been searching for a church here, that was much like Northland, A Church Distributed, in Orlando. To me, there are two very important elements that move me in a service - the praise and worship portion, and of course, the sermon. This church's praise and worship speaks to my soul. I love a good hymn, but I feel closest to God while singing songs like "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" or "Here I am to Worship" or "Shout to the Lord." Anyhow, the praise and worship portion was exactly what I had missed so greatly at Northland. The church is a Methodist one, which is great. I was raised Methodist, so that was icing on the cake. I felt though, that it was more of a non-denominational church (which is what Northland is) and that speaks volumes for me. To me, I'd rather cut out all the "religious" extras, and hear straight from God's Word.

Oh, and I forgot to mention - it's really close to our house! Score!

I'm looking forward to our family laying some roots in this church. We both felt very welcomed there. The church is also small, and we won't be lost in the shuffle. I'll probably be attending services alone some weeks, (if I work Saturdays, Bob trains Sundays) but, I am ok with that. We also met the lady that keeps the infants in the nursery, and she was very sweet.
Double score!

Overall, I'm just thankful that God led us to this church. The name of the church suits it very well.


Gina Harris said...

that is awesome!! It is so nice to find your home for church! I missed our church so much when I was real pregnant and then Luke being so little! I can't wait to go every Sunday! We go to Church of the Highlands :)

Shannon said...

I completely understand how difficult it is to find a church home. We struggled for nearly a year and a half to find a church where we felt comfortable after moving to Mobile. So happy for you and the family! Yes, and one more thing in common...we're both Methodists! Are you familiar with the hymn "Here I am Lord"? It may be a bit more traditional, but it gets me every time!

The McCrystals said...

I love your new page setup!!!!!!! Super cute!!

Meg said...

The songs that get you, get me too. I got chills reading about them. I am so glad you found a church home. It is so hard to find one after moving.


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