Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Savings

I have been clipping coupons, and trying to be thrifty for a few years now. I have definitely taken this "sport" more seriously at times, than others. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you might remember me talking about the website, The Grocery Game.

I am no longer using that site, but am now using Southern Savers. The concept is basically the same as The Grocery Game. Each week, you can access your store's sales for the week. For example, I shop at Publix. I can access Publix's weekly ad online - and, on top of that, the site will list where you can find coupons for most items on sale. The Grocery Game did the same thing, except you had to pay a fee (boo!), and they did not supply links to sites where you could print the coupons. So, obviously, Southern Savers is a much better option!

I have been very serious with my saving since October of 2009. I can honestly say, there has probably only been 2 or 3 trips to the store, where I shopped blindly; without a list, and without my coupons. Aside from that, I always plan accordingly for the week. As a stay-at-home mom, I feel it is important for me to help out in any way possible. And, I would like to help you!

So, I am going to attempt to bring you a tip on saving money each Sunday. I am by no means an expert, but I feel like I have learned some tricks of the trade that may be helpful to others. And, I am also always looking for ideas and tips. So, please, if you are frugal - leave me a comment!

As of 10/2009, I have saved at Publix:


Tip of the Week:
Seek out support or help to get started.

Whether you have a thrifty friend or family member, or even the internet... get help! The art of saving is just that, an art. People often will become discouraged, if they don't see immediate results. Talk to people, consult websites, and prepare for the challenge of saving.
Here are some sites to get you started:

Good luck!

And, if you have any tips or comments you'd like me to share in a future post, please let me know!


The McCrystals said...

Yes, yes, yes! Now, more than ever, we can use some tips.

I didn't like the Grocery Game for the same reason, you had to pay.

I can't believe you've saved so much in 5 months!

I'm excited! I'm going to check out the sites right now!

mom said...

jen, you are just like your dad!

Jamie said...

very impressive and encouraging. we need to talk. i'm ready to go for it. i bought 2 papers yesterday for a dollar each and i've poked around on the site but i need a pep talk kind of like the one we had on sleep training. i am out of town all week. i'll call you next week.

Gina Harris said...

I say you have a mommy couponing class :)

Totty said...

It's so funny that you posted this. I was just about to email you for some coupon tips. I still have a few questions, so keep an eye out from an email from me!

Sarah Cook said...

I had a post on my blog ( not too long ago about how reading Southern Savers got me 30 bags of frozen veggies from Harveys for $0.30! I get very excited when I come upon good deals.


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