Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Week Appointment

 I had my 30 week appointment today, and all is well.  The baby's heartbeat was in the normal range, and I measured right at 30 weeks.  Evie is a very active baby, and definitely keeps me on my toes! I lucked out, and also did not gain any weight in the past two weeks.  I have been walking more, so, that may be why.  I am so thankful that Fall is sometimes in the air lately...  As for everything else - I can't complain too much.  I have had to take Zofran a few times recently, which is weird.  I hadn't taken it since my first trimester, but have found myself nauseous every once in awhile.  I cannot seem to get comfortable either while sleeping.  I am just plain uncomfortable at this point! I want time to slow down, so we can continue to prepare for her arrival.  But, I also want her out! :)


Here's to 9 more weeks!


jbeatty said...

Jennifer that is crazy that you only have 9 more weeks! You look great and way to go on the no weight gain. xoxo

Waiting said...

I am so glad things are going well.
You look great!!

mom said...

way to go jen- 9 wks will fly- is that still nov? love mom

Shannon said...

Looking good! Gotta post some pics of the new nursery! Take care of yourself! OX


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