Monday, January 2, 2012

Evie is One Month Old

Evie turned One month old on December 29, 2011.

Weight:  9 lbs. (56%), 21.25 in (63%)
(My iPhone app, Total Baby, was able to calculate her exact percentages.)

Sleeping Patterns:  Evie is turning out to be a pretty good sleeper thus far.  She has her last bottle of the night usually between 9-10pm.  She'll wake just once for a night time feeding (most of the time).  She is usually up for the day around 6am.  She is still sleeping in the Pack n' Play in our room.  She is napping well too, and usually has her best two naps in the morning (in her swing.)  The longest stretch she's gone yet is 7 hours, and then 5 hours.  But, usually, it is 4 hours.

Eating Habits:  Eats every 2.5-3 hours on average during the day.  She is formula-fed (which is a whole other post!), and taking 4 oz.  I may be changing her formula, as she has had some spitting up, and gas issues.

New discoveries:  Evie is learning to track objects and voices more and more.  Her "wake" time is getting a bit longer, and she seems to be pretty entertained by what is around her.  She has also found her fingers a few times, and quickly started to suck on them.

Milestones:  Smiled for the first time at 4 weeks, while playing with daddy!

Places Evie loves:  Her swing (thank goodness), bouncy seat, being held, swaddle blanket, and she's also pretty good in the car. 

Special Friends:  Bobby, Reid (Harper's little sister), and Parker (Cooper's little brother). 

Current Events:  GOP primaries are starting, Occupy Wall Street movement, LSU vs. AL in Natl. Championship game, NBA season starts late due to salary negotiations.  

What We Did this Day:  Harper and Bobby had a play date at our house.

Here's Bobby at one month old:

And, here's his one month birthday post.
(There is no comparison to the two; due to Bobby being a preemie!)


Shannon said...

Happy one month! She's precious!


Aw how precious! happy 1 month :-) Much health to you all and god bless.. :-)

Adding you to my google follow..let's talk soon!

Hugs from NYC!


jbeatty said...

What a little doll. It sounds like she's doing great! I love the belly sticker, I'm excited about mine:).


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