Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Month Old

Bobby turned One month old on May 30, 2009

Weight: 6 lbs. 4 oz.
Sleeping Patterns: Sleeps for 2 hours, up for 1, and so forth... good sleeper, but noisy. Mommy and Daddy also moved the Pack n' Play in the hallway outside of their room, so they could sleep better.
Eating Habits: Eats every 3 hours on average. Eating breast milk from the bottle. Has recently started eating 3 oz. Has hiccups several times a day.
New discoveries: Eyes are following objects and people more intently.
Accomplishments: Coming home from the NICU @ 12 days old. Head and neck muscles are very strong, he is lifting his head quite a bit. Smiling a lot more, and very cute expressions.
Places you love: Anyone's lap, riding in the stroller and car, and Pack n' Play.
Special Friends: Winston, Harper Woodham
Current Events: Mommy does not have time to pay attention to the news, but it's more talk on the recession most of the time.
What We Did this Day: Went to the pool for 3 hours during the day, and went to the Wades' house for dinner that night. Was very good for both outings!


mom said...

All the pictures a re so cute!!!! Can't believe he is a month old- time flies! When we see him again he will probably be close to 8 pounds- take care. Love Mom- Dad- is the glider there yet????

Jessica Regan said...

I can't believe it is a month already!!! That is amazing!


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