Monday, May 18, 2009

So far, so good...

My parents are coming in today from Orlando, but won't be here until later. So... it's just been Bobby and I all day. I have to say, (knock on wood), that this day has been very nice. He's been great. After each feeding, (which is a ritual in itself), I usually hold him until he falls asleep. Once he's asleep, I'm able to eat, get dressed, clean up, and of course, update my blog!

Now, I'm no idiot. I know everyday is not going to be this way. And, as I am typing this, I am thinking a nap may be in the near future, after his next feeding. Bottom line - it's just nice to know that I CAN DO THIS.

Question for all you mom's out there -

Do you put diaper rash cream on your baby's bum with each change, or only when they have a rash? I have heard conflicting advice, and am just curious. So far, I have not used any, but I am wondering if I should to prevent a future rash from outbreak. Help!

P.S. Huggies diapers suck!


Kelly Becker said...

I only did/do when she had a rash and a few days thereafter to make sure it was gone. I never asked anyone though about it.

As far as the diapers go, I used Pampers for her first months until she got older and then the Huggies were cheaper and did fine. But I agree, Huggies were not my choice in the first few months of her life.

Sounds like you (and Bobby) are doing fine!

Kelley said...

I always liked Luvs diapers...just depends on what fits your baby best.

I put on Desitin only when there was a rash..but sometimes it is good at night in case they go and don't wake you up.

Jamie said...

I only user cream when they have a diaper rash. I never liked Huggies either. I use pampers swaddlers at the beginning and then use Luvs when they get a little bigger, I've been happy with both.

Jennifer in my experience with Tyson most days were what you described your day as today. So enjoy it just being you and your little boyfriend. Nap when he's napping, stay in your pj's all day if you feel like it, soak it all in. It's the best! I love having boys!

Collier Chronicles said...

We use huggies, only because they are the only ones you can buy in bulk in his size at Sam's right now. More bang for the buck. However, at Bobo Jr's age, I would definitely suggest Pamper Swaddlers and then Luv's.

As for the diaper cream, only when he has a rash.

And yes, YOU CAN DO IT! I was amazed I could do it. I am not a domesticated goddess by any means.

Linz Adams said...

I can't give you any rash or diaper advice, but I'm glad you're able to relax and that Bobby is being so great!

Meg said...

I am suprised you were doubting yourself, you are a wonderful mother and were before you came one!

Shannon said...

the brand "butt paste" seemed to be better than desitin far as cream goes, or the brand that is organic and sells at publix in an orange tube, there is a whole line, cna't remember the name... i think i put it on a few times while there was no rash, but ultimately would forget about it--i love seeing your sound like life is going well, so happy for you!

Jamie said...

i was going to say the same thing as shan i love the butt paste, i don't like the name but love the product.

Misty said...

Jen - It's Boudreaux's butt paste. It's what one of my friend's who's a PA for a Ped gave me when Addie was born. Supposed to be the best. I'd only use it when Bobby needs it. Why put the chemicals on his super-sensitive baby skin if you don't need to? Pamper's until size 3 - then they aren't absorbent enough. Good luck!

Katherine Breehl said...

Thumbs up for Boudreaux's butt paste!! It's the best. And I only used it as needed. :)


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