Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Trip to the Pool

On Saturday, Bob, Bobby, Mike Cooley (our friend visiting from Orlando), and myself headed up to the pool. We were there in the late afternoon, as it was less crowded, and hot. It was Bobby's first trip, and we are hoping to go there quite a bit this summer.
Here are some pictures to enjoy and document this day!

Here is our neighbor Jonathan with his baby, Harper. Bobby and Harper will be best of friends, I'm sure. Harper is 8 weeks older than Bobby. I thought this was a great picture with Jonathan smiling so proudly!

Of course the boys get to enjoy the sun and booze! Isn't this how it always works out with us moms? Ha ha! Nick is our neighbor across the street on the left. He and his wife Volree are expecting a little boy in September. Bob is in the center, and our friend Mike is on the right.

Bobby and I enjoying the pool, company, and weather.

Bobby and I, Ginger and Harper, and Volree soaking up the shade - ha ha!

Bobby in his stroller at the pool. Cute as a button sleeping!


mom said...

His thighs are feeling up- dad loved the pictures....

Collier Chronicles said...

Thanks for the office black mail material! :)
You girls look fabulous.


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