Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Week Old

Robert Jeffrey Ross, III is one week old today!

My favorite picture so far, taken 2 days ago.

I can't believe Bobby is already one week old. This week has flown by. Each day is full of joy, and it is always one day closer to when we can bring him home. Bobby is doing great! He is completely breathing on his own, and at this point, we are just waiting on him. He is currently eating 30 ml per feeding. As mentioned before, he needs to get to 40 ml per feeding before he can be discharged. Today, his IV was removed. The IV was feeding him in the early days, and is now just being used to give him glucose or electrolytes. Once his eating is down, and body temperature stabilized, he will be moved from his condo to a crib. After this, the NICU will observe him for 72 hours before allowing him to go home. With all that being said, we are thinking he'll be home by next Wednesday. I guess I was being overly optimistic about having him home for Mother's Day.

Things on the home front are still a bit chaotic, but ok. Bob's mom is here now, and his dad will be back on Saturday. She's been great about feeding us, helping with the house, and of course, taxi'ing yours truly around. Today we got Winston groomed, in preparation for his little brother's arrival home. Tomorrow, we will finally go to Babies R Us, and get the final supplies we need before Bobby's homecoming. The nursery is still the same - unfinished, unorganized, and a mess. I am thinking I might have my mom and I work on it as a project while my parents are visiting in a couple of weeks. We'll see... I might have time to do it before then. Either way, he won't be sleeping up there for a couple of months.

There is certainly a range of emotions I feel daily. I feel happy the most though, because Bobby is improving, and on the home stretch. If this was not the case, I have no idea how I'd be coping. I still cry almost daily though. Yesterday I cried because the NICU was closed when we arrived in the morning, and I had to wait to see him. Today, I cried because I just wish Bob did not have to be back at work through all of this. I guess my hormones are going to be on overdrive for awhile!

I have so much more to say, but we have to eat so we can get back to the hospital. We love you all!


mom said...

jen, we will work on the nursery when we are there- don't worry we will get it done- can't wait to see you-and the munchkin- love mom and dad of course

Kelley said...

I'm glad to hear he is doing well! I've never known anyone with a baby in NICU but it sure sounds like they have all their duck in a row.

I wouldn't even worry about the nursery need to heal. I didn't put my babies in their own room for awhile. Everything will come together!

Kelley said...

He looks great by the way! He has a pretty little hand! I love baby hands!

Kelly Becker said...

Now he is 1 week, soon he will be one month, and then 1 year.....time flies by so fast!!! I know you would rather not have him in the NICU, but enjoy each moment of it as these are the times you will look back and remember with him when he is older! Happy 1st Mothers Day, mommy!!! What a joy!

Jeff and Stacy Holmes said...

Jen, you sound great, and Bobby looks great!! I'm sure this is probably the hardest thing you've had to do, waiting on the little man to come home, but he'll be there soon!

Happy 1st Mommy's Day!!

The Pink Owl said...

He's beautiful!! Happy Mother's Day!

Shannon said...

that picture is adorable!


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