Sunday, May 24, 2009

Protective Older Brother

Here we have Winston laying outside our bedroom door...

Guess who's inside napping?

Other news to note:

- Bobby had two outings yesterday! We took him to the pool party in our neighborhood. It was a complete wash (literally!) Bob and I stayed long enough to enjoy some free BBQ, but then headed home due to the rain. We then went to a nearby Mexican restaurant to enjoy some drinks and chips and salsa with some new friends, Bart and Amy. Amy is expecting, and her due date is June 15th. Bobby was an angel during both little adventures!

- We are obsessed with RedBox. Click on the link for more details... We watched Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night. That movie was great! I highly recommend it.

- Bobby is doing wonderful! He's eating every 3-4 hours, and sleeping well. We have a little grunter on our hands (which, is actually labeled as "active sleeping"). He has slept great since day one, but grunts quite a bit. This is what was keeping us up; not his lack of sleep. Anyhow, the pediatrician said this is pretty normal for newborns. I also read online that it is more common in preemie babies. I think he is already starting to outgrow this, as I've noticed him doing it less and less. Or, maybe we are just getting better at what we're doing?!? :-)

Sorry for the lack of a Bobby photo (ahem, grandma's and grandpa's)... I promise to have some during my next post.

But, isn't Winston worthy enough?


mom said...

good dog- i have to put the pictures on line- soon i promise- love mom and dad

Lisa said...

We are so addicted to Redbox too! It's always so crowded everywhere here.

I love, love, love the picture of Winston. So adorable. What a good brother.

And, as cute as he is, I wouldn't mind more pics of Bobby :)

Kendalls said...

Wes was a month early and grunted for a good few weeks...also keeping me awake:) So great to hear he is doing so well!!

Volree and Nick Wade said...

We stopped by for the free BBQ on Saturday too! We actually ended up taking it to our car b/c it started to rain right when we got there! So we weren't very social:( Hope to see ya'll soon!

I'm Just Beachy said...

What a sweet puppy.

Stacy Holmes, Realtor® said...

I think I know Bart and Amy...what is their last name?? Is Amy a dentist??

Sounds like a fun weekend!!


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