Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Walk

Here's a picture of Bobby's first walk in the neighborhood, taken Friday, May 15th. Bobby is 2 weeks, 1 day old in this picture.

He's so content wherever we put him. He sleeps great in his bed, does fine in the car seat and stroller, loves sleeping in his Boppy, and of course, loves to be held.

We are hoping this laid-back baby is here to stay!


Lisa said...

So cute! I think the best part may just be the Winston tail poking up at the bottom. What a cute family!

Collier Chronicles said...

We found our NICU stay helped Ethan adapt well to loud noises and sleeping pretty much anywhere.

How has Winston adapted? Our chihuahua still has jealousy issues we are working on.

Jeff and Stacy Holmes said...

You look GREAT!!!

Sarah Miles said...

Huggies do suck and as far as the diaper cream i only used every other change and I had to uses luvs diapers after that first couple weeks of papmers newborns because Christopher would get horrible rashes we tried everything from huggies-papmers store brands then LUVS - our life saver he still uses them now at night time since we are in the process of potty training. Im glad you are enjoying being a mommy both of you look amazing. Anyways take care of ya'll luv you - Sarah

Shannon said...

you look great jen! i too, love winston's is he doing?


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