Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bobby Update

Hello to all of our family, friends, and readers!

This is Jen, finally feeling up to some computer time. It is about 9am here, and I am awaiting my lovely hospital breakfast. Yesterday's was not so bad, but that was after a whole day on liquids. My days are so confusing, as I have been admitted in the hospital since Wednesday afternoon.

The birth of Bobby was amazing, yet a blur. The epidural was fine, but I definitely felt out of it. I remember most of that day, but it was also one big haze. I am still in a bit of pain, but up and at 'em, as best as possible.

Bobby is in the NICU still. He'll be there at least thru Thursday, as far as we know. They may keep him shorter, or longer, depending on his lungs getting stronger. Room air that we breathe is 20% oxygen, the machine that he is on is at 50% oxygen. The point is to get his number down to 20% oxygen. They are slowly trying to wean him off. In my daze, I did not really realize all this was happening until yesterday.

I have to say that this has been very hard for me. I am crying as I type this. It's not fair that I've only held my baby once. I want to bond with him so badly, but all I can do is stroke him. He's so cute too. He hasn't opened his eyes yet either. They are swollen shut, due to the oxygen mask he has to wear. Bob and I can hear the baby in the room crying next to us, and this morning we both said that is something we want so badly right now. But, we both know that he's getting the best care possible. This just all happened so fast. He was supposed to be inside me for another 5 weeks.

Right now, our days consist of seeing Bobby in the NICU, me pumping, eating, and resting. I am really wanting my milk to come in, so he can eat when he's ready. Right now, Bobby's eating through an IV.

We have a TON of pics to share, but our cord is at home. Bob's parents are here from Peachtree City, so maybe we can get them to bring it. I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on, and more specifically to ask for prayers. Please pray that Bobby's lung continue to grow stronger each day. Please pray that we may bring him home sooner, rather than later. And, please pray for our own strength.

Thanks to all those that have called, sent emails, comments, flowers, and visited. We really appreciate it!


Kelly Becker said...

Jen, please know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine what you are going through at this time, as we had only a small scare when Madelyn was first born and had to go to NICU. But know that Bobby is well aware that you are both there for him and are giving your love to him as only two parents can. You will hold him soon I know! He is toooo cute!!!

Amelie McKneely said...

Congratulations! We are praying for you and your'll get through this and bring him home before you know it.

Your neighbors,
Amelie and Jesse McKneely

Lisa said...

There is so much love and so many prayers from Dale and I right now, and I know there are so many more like us too. We can't wait to meet that strong, strong baby boy! We'll keep praying, but please know we're thinking about you all the time! We love you guys so much!

Jamie said...

Oh Jennifer, I love you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Everything you wrote was beautifully written. You'll be happy that you are documenting your feelings.

LyndsAU said...

Congratulations on your new addidtion!! Thinking and praying for you girl!! Everything will be great!!


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