Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Photo Link

Go here to access the picture gallery of Bobby!


Kelley said...

Jen..you look beautiful..nothing prettier than a glowing new mommy! I am so glad to read that Bobby is doing well..good boy! Your family is a gorgeous one!


Jamie said...

Jennifer he is adorable! It was so nice to see his cute little face. I know they change so much everyday at the beginning but right now I could see your mouth and your eyes. I'm happy to hear things are moving along as they are. It sounds like you guys will be home together by Mother's Day.

Jeff and Stacy Holmes said...


Bobby is so precious and a wonderful gift from God! I love the photo of him looking at his mommy...that is priceless! Congrats again!

Totty said...

Great photos!
he is adorable!

mom said...

okay- he looks like you- so cute - thanks for the picture message, now he is my wallpaper- yeah! love you! mom

Autumn said...

Congratulations! What a cutie! I hadn't read your blog in a bit and was surprised to see he's already here! I hope he's doing well and that you are getting lots of rest!

Jessica Regan said...

Wow, so neat to have all of these photos. What a journey you are on. Keeping you in our prayers and so glad to hear that everything is progressing well. Love you!


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