Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exhausted...but, Happy

Hello everyone!

I am one exhausted momma, but very happy! Today was a great day. Bobby is breathing completely on his own, and has been, since this morning. He also started eating by bottle yesterday. I attempted to breast feed him yesterday too, but he's still learning (as am I). He is eating my breast milk that I have been pumping, and they are also supplementing with formula when needed. Bob has taken to calling me a milk factory. Ahhh...sweet husband he is!

The prognosis is very good. Basically, the timeline for him going home is to first make sure he is breathing normally on his own. And, second, to make sure he is eating at least 40 ml per meal, for a couple of days. Right now, he is eating about 25 ml per meal. He is having a little bit of difficulty with the sucking and swallowing, but that's to be expected. I am hoping and praying to have him home by Mother's Day, but we'll see...

My wonderful father-in-law has captured everything on film, and has posted pictures on his website:


Please let me know if the link does not work. He is updating his website daily, so always check back for recent pictures.

One of these days, I'll stop being lazy, and post some pictures. Ha! In all honesty, the days are not long enough. Between visiting Bobby in the NICU, pumping, and recovering, I don't have time for much else. Actually, shamefully, I think I really only "relaxed" for about an hour today. I need to give myself time to get over the surgery. Thankfully, Bob's parents have been a tremendous help. I also cannot thank everyone enough for the packages, food, gifts, etc... that we are still receiving. I am sorry if you have called, texted, or emailed me. I am trying to return as many of these as possible. One day at a time... One day at a time. That is what I keep reminding myself.

Emotionally, I am feeling much better. As long as my beautiful baby boy keeps improving, I am a happy camper. Bob is back at work, and visits Bobby during lunch and at night. He is going to take the rest of his vacation time when he comes home. I cannot wait for our family to be together as one.

Thanks again for all your support. I will try and update you each day, but it may be every couple of days. We love you all!


LyndsAU said...

so glad to hear he is breathing on his own!! That's great news! Get some rest :)

Kendalls said...

such wonderful news jen! so glad he improved 2 days before they thought he'd be there!! loved seeing your father-in-law's photographs of bobby!! take care--the fun is about to begin!! xx

Shannon said...

hang in there jennifer! you'll be home in no time...i am so happy that he is healthy and you too. i am so excited to keep checking in and reading/seeing updates...thanks for sharing these moments w/ us...


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