Monday, February 13, 2012

Evie is Two Months Old

Evie turned Two months old on January 29, 2012.

Weight:  11.14 lbs. (75%) 22.25 in. (50%)

Sleeping Patterns:  Evie was sleeping pretty well, until we went out of town.  Since then, she's been waking anywhere from 2-4 times per night (beforehand, she was just waking once; maybe twice.)  It seems like she is getting back on track though.  We moved her upstairs to her room at 9 weeks.  The only problem is she'll cry at night, or in the mornings, and sometimes wake Bobby up.  Actually, they are both guilty of waking each other up!  She naps in her swing during the day, or on the go.  I'll probably keep her napping there, until she has outgrown it.  It is just the easiest thing at this point.

Eating Habits:  Eats every 2.5-4 hours on average during the day.  Currently, she is taking 5 oz. at each feeding.  We changed her formula to Enfamil's Gentlease, which has helped with her tummy issues.  She is also taking a probiotic once a day, in her bottle.

New discoveries:  Evie is sucking on her fingers more and more.  She is smiling and "talking" a lot too.  Her neck muscles are getting stronger, and she can hold her head up for a little bit at a time.  I can tell her vision is improving, as she tracks me from a further distance.

Milestones:  First car trip to visit Bob's parents in Peachtree City @ 9 weeks.  She slept the entire way there, and home.  First cold @ 6 weeks (I was a nervous wreck!).

Places Evie loves:  Her swing, bouncy seat, being held, swaddle blanket, activity mat, and she's also pretty good in the car. She also doesn't mind tummy time (Bobby was not a fan.)

Special Friends:  Bobby, Reid (Harper's little sister), and Parker (Cooper's little brother). 

Current Events:  Gas prices continue to rise, GOP primaries are in full-swing; with Mitt Romney winning most, New York Giants win Super Bowl, Alabama wins BCS Championship game. Gators are currently #7 in college basketball.  Cruise ship sinks off coast of Italy.

What We Did this Day:  Stayed home, and prepared for trip to Peachtree City the next day.

Here's Bobby at two months old:

And, here's his two month birthday post.
(There is no comparison to the two; due to Bobby being a preemie!)

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Jenny Postma said...

Such a sweet little baby girl Jen! Awesome that she is a good sleeper! I'm sure that makes the whole house much happier! Love these updates! Xoxo


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