Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Months Old

Bobby turned Two months old on June 30, 2009

Weight: Will add after 2 month check-up tomorrow!
Sleeping Patterns: Not quite sleeping through the night yet. Last feeding is usually around 10pm. He wakes up between 2 - 3am normally, and then will sleep until 5 - 6am. We are anxiously awaiting when he will sleep thru the night.
Eating Habits: Eats on average 4 oz. per feeding. He is not taking as long to eat these days either.
New discoveries & Accomplishments: Cooing a lot lately, and has started to smile. He smiled for the first time at 7 weeks. He is also really starting to like his bouncy seat. He does not like his swing, but hopefully this will change. He is also holding his head up very well. He is almost holding it fully by himself.
Places you love: Sitting on the front porch with mommy every day. We sit outside in the rocking chair or front stoop waiting for daddy to get home from work. Loves being in the Baby Bjorn with Bob (but not mommy). Likes riding in his car seat in the stroller and car.
Special Friends: Drew Wilder, Bobby's first play date pal.
Current Events: Michael Jackson dies, recession still in the crapper.
What We did This Day: We went for a walk on the trail with Amy, Drew, Katie (their dog), and Winston. Mommy and Bobby also went to the mall. Daddy had to work. :-( Bobby did great for both outings. He slept during the walk, and some at the mall. He is ALWAYS looking around!

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LyndsAU said...

great update! it's good to read things that i have to look forward to :)


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