Monday, June 22, 2009

Bob's 2nd Triathlon

Bob participated in his 2nd triathlon on Saturday. It was held at Oak Mountain State Park, and it was sponsored by the Alabama State Games. Bobby and I were able to come out and support him, and we had a blast. Of course, Bobby slept the entire time. :-) Bob did great, and placed 3rd in his age group. We were so proud of our daddy!

Here are some pictures that I took. I am an awful photographer, and these are all action shots too. So, they are not very good.


Bob receiving his medal for third place!

Bobby wears his daddy's medal proudly!


Jessica Regan said...

Bob is on a role!

jbeatty said...

Go Bob! Little Bobby is adorable, look at those long lashes and cute little bottom lip.

Shannon said...

wow! great job bob! that is one of my goals...on my "to do list" is a mini triathlon, even if i am 54 when i do it, i will do it! but there is NO way i will win a medal....


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