Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Back!

After a fun week with my sister, and in-law's... the Ross Family is back!

My sister Kathy came into town from Orlando last week. It was great having her here. She seemed quite smitten with our neighborhood, and kept commenting that she wanted to move here! :-) She was a HUGE help! We ran errands all over the place. I always try to see if I can bring someone with me to a new place (like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, for example) to see if I can handle the errand with or without help. Anyhow, we went there, Target, my doctor, my work, and out to lunch. We got caught up on some chick flicks, and trashy reality TV shows. And, she cooked a couple of nights, and made sure I had lunch each day. She also helped with the housekeeping. And, she cleaned up to my standards! Ha ha! So,

Thank You Kathy!!!

Bob's parents also came in this weekend. Bob participated in his first sprint triathlon. He did great! He finished under his goal (which was 1:30), with a time of 1 hour, 21 minutes, 29 seconds. I'm so proud of him! He's doing another one this weekend. Bobby and I wanted to watch, but the weather was horrendous that morning. Hopefully we'll get to see him this weekend. It's always so much harder to plan outings with a baby. Click here to see pictures of Bob, taken by his dad.

Bob's dad also took some family and newborn pictures of us this weekend at our house. Here is one of my favorites! I think I may use this shot for Bobby's birth announcements. I can't believe he is only 6 weeks old in this picture. He looks so much older to me. He's growing like a weed! I swear, sometimes after he naps, I look at him and think he grew during his nap! I'll post more pictures later of our family. They are currently online, but still need to be cropped and what-not. :-)

Thanks Grandpa Ross for such great pictures! And, thanks to Grandma Ross for all the help!


mom said...

Looks so big! Can't wait to see him. Looks like you or dad????love mom

Linz Adams said...

I just looked at the pictures...I love the one of Bobby and Winston! And you guys all look so happy!

LyndsAU said...

He is precious!! he is growing so fast!!

Meg said...

He is just so cute and adorable. I know I keep saying that but he really is! I love the photo of him and Winston. Big Brother watching over him. Too awesome!


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