Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Lifetime Ago

The weekend before we had Bobby, Bob and I headed up to Tacoma, Washington for a quick trip. Bob's best friend Jeremy, celebrated his 30th birthday, and we were there to join in on the fun. It feels like that trip was a lifetime ago! We had a great time, and enjoyed seeing Jeremy, and spending time with his family, and girlfriend Melissa. We also were able to see Lathrop, another of Bob's good friends from his childhood.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Jeremy, the birthday boy, with his girlfriend Melissa. This was taken at brunch the next morning, after Jer's Surprise 30th Party. The Puget Sound is the body of water in the background.

Bob and Jeremy.
If you were at our wedding, you'll recognize Jeremy as Bob's Best Man, who had the crowd howling with laughter during his speech.

Bob and I.
I was 34 weeks pregnant here. Little did I know, that we'd meet our son just 4 days later!

This was taken at the party.

Lathrop, Bob, and Jeremy - best buds.

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