Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Evie is Three Months Old

Evie turned Three months old on February 29, 2012 (Leap Day!)

Weight:  13.2 (55%)

Sleeping Patterns: Evie is not sleeping thru the night yet.  Although, she did fool us one night, at 13 weeks, and slept until 5:45am.  She is doing pretty well though.  She goes from 7pm-7am, and wakes just once.  Currently, she is taking 3 naps a day.  Her morning naps are usually the longest, averaging around three hours.  She then usually catnaps the rest of the day.  She is still napping in her swing.

Eating Habits:  Eats every 3-4 hours on average during the day.  Currently, she is taking 5.5 oz. at each feeding.  She will drink a bit more for her nighttime bottle.  Aside from normal spitting up, once in awhile, she is doing great!  She is no longer taking the pro biotic in her bottle.  

New discoveries:  Evie's personality is starting to develop more and more each day.  She is very observant of her surroundings, and likes to just take everything in.  She is constantly trying to lift her head up, when laying on the floor.  She wants to see it all!  Bobby is interacting more with her, and she finds him to be quite entertaining too!  She has started putting objects in her mouth, and holding toys.  

Milestones:  Second car trip to Savannah at 14 weeks.  She slept the entire way there, and was pretty much over her car seat after that.  She and Bobby both did great in the hotel though.  Rolled over for the first time @ 15 weeks.

Places Evie loves:  Her swing, bouncy seat, being held, Bumbo seat, activity mat, and stroller.  She also loves being outside.  We are enjoying our front porch a lot these days, with the warm weather.

Special Friends:  Bobby, and Parker (Cooper's little brother). I can't wait to show off Evie's picture with Parker soon!

Current Events:  Gas prices continue to rise, GOP primaries are in full-swing; with Mitt Romney winning most. Brackets are busted in March Madness, and summer starts too early in most of the country.

What We Did this Day:  Tagged along with Bobby at Kindermusik.

Sibling Love.
Here's Bobby at three months old:

Here's Bobby's three month post.


Aunt Kacky :) said...

Love the picture of them two together!! And they both have beautiful BIG eyes in their pictures, love it!

Shannon said...

Aw, she's so cute, Jen! Love the photo with her and Bobby! What a sweet big brother!


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